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The Amputee Coalition Shows Support for Amputation Reduction and Compassion Act

Jul 31, 2023 |

In favor of pre-amputation care, the Amputation Coalition has provided a comment letter in support of the Amputation Reduction and Compassion (ARC) Act, a bipartisan bill introduced by Congressman Donald Payne, Jr. on June 21, 2023. The letter emphasizes that this act is pivotal legislation which is necessary to enhance the early detection, care coordination, treatment, and monitoring of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).

Research has shown that when individuals who are at-risk for PAD receive proper screenings and preventative services that aid in early detection, surveillance, and treatment, the more serious complications associated with PAD decrease. The Amputee Coalition will continue to pursue advancement of legislation that counters the harmful effects of PAD via community engagement, research, and public comments.

“There are too many Americans who could experience a preventable amputation from PAD,” said Congressman Payne, Jr. in a press release announcing the legislation. “PAD is treatable if we can get people screened and catch it early. We need to support and promote more screenings so we can save limbs and lives.”

We invite you to participate in the Amputee Coalition’s survey if you have been diagnosed with PAD or other related diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, or cerebrovascular disease, leading to amputation(s). This is your chance to share your personal experiences of pre- and post-amputation medical care from a holistic perspective. We aim to improve patient care by gaining insights into the physical, psychological, and social aspects of your journey.

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