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Kimmy Hough


My son just turned 8 years old and was born without his left hand, both feet and the tip of his tongue. There is no reason for it the doctors can figure out, you would never know any of that if you couldn’t see it. He has been in prosthetics since he was 3 months old! He is on his 12th pair now. He plays tackle football, flag football, wrestles, swims, plays soccer with friends at school, and shows cattle through 4-H. When we found out at my 27-week appointment that all this was going on I would’ve loved to find a website or blog that showed the great things another person could do with limb differences!

So I’m hoping if there is a parent out there searching the web like I was my words to you are IT WILL BE OKAY! My son is thriving- literally he loves life and just dives head first into everything he does! We have always treated him the same as we do our oldest and we have never said he couldn’t do something because of his limb differences. The worries I once had aren’t even real worries I have ever had since he was born! My worries are finding tougher jeans so when he is going 100 mph and slides on the ground he doesn’t get holes the first day he wears them! 😉