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Pay it Forward: Certified Peer Visitor (CPV) Training at #ACNC23

We are excited to announce Hybrid Certified Peer Visitor Training for the 2023 National Conference! Becoming a Certified Peer Visitor (CPV) is a remarkable way to show love to your community—paying...

Attend the #ACNC23 Opening Night Celebration and Closing Night Dance Gala!

The Amputee Coalition National Conference is a pivotal gathering that brings together individuals with limb loss and limb difference, their families, professionals, and industry experts to foster...

Don’t Forget Disability in DEI – Diverseability Magazine Guest Post by John Register

By John Register Disability plays a significant role in the overall diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) conversation. Despite this, it is often the last group considered in the conversation, with...

How To Use ADA Requirements To Modify Your Home for Accessibility

Reprinted with permission by This Old House The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements help make your home safer and more accommodating for people with limited mobility. The ADA has been in effect for more than 30 years, ensuring that...

In Case You Missed It: Watch the Spring Town Hall!

The Amputee Coalition Spring Town Hall recording is now available. Amputee Coalition President and CEO Cass Isidro is joined by Jerrica Thurman, Chief of Strategy and Communications, and Ashlie White, Chief Programs Officer, to provide updates on upcoming events and...

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Gary Eli Aguilar

Gary Eli Aguilar

Amputee Strong. Being born with one hand has been a big challenge but more of a blessing in life! It’s never stopped me from doing anything! I’ve played football for 10 years and other kinds of...

Aniketh Vyas

Aniketh Vyas

Never Give Up - The Unseen Story. Mr. Aniketh Vyas, MS in Computer Science, officially graduated from Saint Louis University. Life isn't always the way we want. I came...

Gloria Letona

Gloria Letona

Quad Amputee Fashion. We may not be able to go back and wear the same high heels, or dresses, but becoming an amputee was a challenge with clothes...eventually, my creativity and love of clothes...

Dianah Nanjala

Dianah Nanjala

Nothing is impossible with God. Two months ago, I got involved in a terrible road accident which actually led to my left leg amputation. I am a fashion model and honestly, this wasn't easy for me to...


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