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Ms. Hulyah MoShay


Hulyah MoShay sitting on couch with her sister.Greetings Thrive (AC). I (Ms. MoShay) went on a family culture pow wow on December 27, 2022, and even though I was dressed for the event, I was also dressed for the winter season (so I thought). The temperature dropped down to 8° or -8° which was causing me severe pain, which caused me to leave early to seek out comfort in warmth. I immediately put my frozen, painful foot in very warm bath water and I immediately started screaming from the intense pain.

All through the night and for a couple of weeks I tried to eliminate the excruciating pain, and after multiple ER, Urgent Care, Hospital, and Rehabilitation visits. I’ve been diagnosed with Cellulitis (from frostbite) and then gangrene. For six months I tried to avoid the amputation due to the fact for the most part I do a form of healing through dance for others and myself, so I viewed this as very deviated end to my purpose, after being on dialysis for 23 years and having no friends nor family to assist me. Thank Goodness the Goddess and God, Eternal and Everlasting Parents of my understanding my divine protector, provider, counselor, comforter, and healer was and is my strength in trusting that what was absent in the flesh was present in spirit.

Nevertheless, an amputation definitely requires an assistant in person, and at the time I knew no one who would not view me as a burden and I didn’t want to be a burden or go to rehab and the thought of not being able to leave was a thought and action I would not tolerate. But to my surprise, one of my sisters from another state saw and heard about my condition and did not hesitate to move in with me to be my aid. I eventually lost all my right foot five toes and half of my left foot. The type of cut was straight across with NO overlapping skin to help with the healing. I spent 3 months in the hospital because the wound was not healing due to poor circulation (I’m not a diabetic) and extreme nerve damage. I’m in constant severe pain and wasn’t able to get fitted for a prosthesis due to the type of cut and the severe nerve damage.

They did recently create a brace, but I haven’t been able to wear it yet due to swelling and pain. In conclusion, I’ve been delayed in my human rights defending, dance healing, and being a voice of encouragement to the discouraged. I’m destined even in my setbacks to make a powerful comeback. I created a YouTube channel and Facebook group titled “Amputees, Disabilities, Inspiring” to share some of my artistic talents. I would greatly appreciate it if the Amputee Coalition would share my link on their website or social media to get support for my work efforts and find a place in my new amputee community. There’s so much more to my story, for I’m a living novel in progress.

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