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Announcing the 2024 Paddy Rossbach YEP Youth Camp

Mar 18, 2024 |

2024 Paddy Rossbach YEP Youth Camp FlyerThe Amputee Coalition is happy to announce that the 2024 Paddy Rossbach YEP Youth Camp will be hosted at Camp Aranzazu located in Rockport, Texas. The Coalition is pleased to engage our youth in a traditional camp setting focused on their pro-social peer-to-peer connection, along with promoting a strong connection with trusted adult mentors and camp counselors. Registration is now open

We know the value of our campers and counselors connecting face-to-face each summer. We have developed innovative and inclusive ways for our campers to bond together. The Coalition understands that there are unique challenges for young people experiencing limb loss/limb difference and for their caregivers. Our in-person youth camp can help these young people connectwith peers, explorenew experiences, and growin their confidence and awareness. 

Youth Camp creates a space for Campers, Leaders in Training, and Counselors to have fun, connect, and make lifelong friendships so no one goes through their limb loss/limb difference journey alone. We have some exciting activities lined up this year, including sports, creative arts, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) projects. 

Most importantly, there will be time for campers to hang out with old and new friends and engage in peer support. 

We can’t wait to EXPLOREa new camp this summer, CONNECT with each other, and GROWby learning and doing new activities together. The Amputee Coalition and its Youth Engagement Program (YEP) look forward to engaging with our youth at this year’s 2024 Paddy Rossbach YEP Youth Camp.  

Camp registrations will be first come first serve until registration reaches capacity. Secure your spot today!