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Shawn Wentzell

We never think anything bad will happen to us, and then we wake up in a hospital wondering what happened. My life changed in 2012. I have no memory of the accident, but I was out on my motorcycle and somehow, I ended up hitting a telephone pole, which pinned my leg and threw me from the bike tearing my leg off, shattering my pelvis which severed some nerves which paralyzed my stump and my organs fell into my pelvic area.

Now ten years later I live in daily pain, I take medication that helps but is expensive, I used to be a truck driver, but I can’t do that anymore. I’ve been living on social security disability which isn’t much, I lost my marriage because my wife couldn’t deal with it. I’ve filed for bankruptcy and I’m still going, I’ve been living with my mom for about 6 years now. Everyday can be a challenge for me because there are days I scream in pain and sometimes I pray that God would just take me, but it is because of my faith in God and the support from my mom and kids that help keep me going.

I really hope I can go to school so I can do something that gives me meaning again, because let’s face it, most of us want to feel like we’re contributing again, and not just wasting our lives laying around. That’s how I feel. I really need purpose in life again. I believe God led me here to share my story. I hope it helps someone who may be struggling, and lets that person know, they’re not alone.