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Christian Cosme  

The Secret to my success has been my walk with Christ and faith that the Lord has something amazing in store for my life. I was in a traumatic accident in 2016 that resulted in the loss of my left arm. In the ambulance I cried out to Jesus to save me and spare my life and to use me for his purpose. I was in a coma for 14 days (about 2 weeks). In that comma I experienced death and resting in peace. I asked myself was this the end, was I going to understand something clearly at last, was I going to see Jesus? As soon as I said Jesus, I woke up in the hospital with two nurses at my feet who let me know I had been in an accident, and they would make me feel as comfortable as possible.

Christian CosmeThe road to recovery was a long and painful road. I started looking for God and making good on my promise by attending Point University a nonprofit Christian school. My story has come full story as I am now on the other side of the pain and have finally accepted the cards I was dealt. I graduated from Point University Summa Cum Laude, and I am continuing my education at Point University in pursuit of my MBA. We are messengers has a song called close that resonates with my soul. “Maybe the why doesn’t matter what if it’s not for me to know, maybe the point is just to trust you, find the faith to let it go, because sometimes falling feels like flying. So, I will not hurry through the heart ache if it’s what it takes to draw me close.” I started calling myself Cyborg Future after my amputation and I have a song out on all play forms called The Road We Find Ourselves Upon masted and produced by Emery.