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Andre Turpin

We All Have Unlimbited Potential

Most people don’t believe me when I say I’ve lived the best part of my life after my amputation. I understand this disbelief.

My amputation isn’t convenient. It was a hard recovery, and it was initially difficult to adapt. It felt like the end of my life as I knew it.

My perspective changed when I realized my circumstances are neutral. My circumstances aren’t good, and they aren’t bad. It is only what I choose to believe about them.

At some point, I began to ask myself. … What if everything I can do with my legs I can do without them? It was that mindset that pushed me to try, and that’s why I started Dreunlimbited amputee life coaching. I have a passion in my heart to show others that they are unlimited.

For instance:

I believed I could drive a car … and I taught myself how again.

I believed I could walk on prostheses unassisted … and I learned how.

I believed I could go back to work … and I did within the first year of my amputation.

Now, I don’t stop believing in my ability. I do things that able-bodied people won’t allow themselves to do, and I crush it. I set the standard of performance wherever I go.

I never thought like this before my amputation, and that’s why this is the best part of my life.

Now, I inspire other amputees and people in general to change their mindset, so they can change their life to truly live unlimbited.