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Scott Hager

Scott HagerMy Story

After battling infection after infection for 11 years, myself, my family, and my doctors decided it was time to amputate below my left knee as I was septic and had another bone infection. Thanks to my podiatrist, who warned me when I had the first infection that I would eventually lose my foot, I had been prepared for several years. He tried everything possible to get the foot to heal, giving me many sample products, but it wasn’t meant to be. I also was battling Charcot foot. In August 2018, my podiatrist suggested trying to amputate toes or TMA. After a few months’ rehab in a nursing home, I was able to go home to treat the wound. I was never able to regain good walking balance during this time. In May 2019, I got the last infection and became septic. So after a couple days of labs and tests and many discussions, we all decided amputation would be the best plan. So back to surgery and then rehab at the nursing home again. One thing I fight to understand is why they amputated so high on the lower leg. My stump is only 7.75 inches. Also, I’m a very large man at 6-foot-8 and way too many pounds. So getting around while the surgery site healed was very difficult. Once I healed and was fitted for a prosthesis, I had a very rough time getting used to it. The biggest issue I have is I don’t have good balance. I finally got better at walking with a walker but still lack balance. A physical therapist told me some of my balance issues are because of my height but the biggest issue is my stump being so short. So I’ve had many challenges since my amputation but still think it was the best decision. I’m still working hard at physical therapy and my stamina is much better, but I still have balance issues. I recently got fitted for a new socket, which is ready, and the test socket was a perfect fit, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to continue improving balance and be able to walk much more. There is no quit in me, and I won’t quit till I’m walking unassisted. I’m definitely living a better life since my amputation, living independently since June 2020. And no hospital stays since the fall of 2020. I continue moving forward and always will. The picture is my first steps on my original prosthesis.