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Jacky Hunt-Broersma

Jacky Hunt-BroersmaAccept no limits

I am Jacky and I had my left leg amputated due to cancer (sarcoma) in 2001. I was living in The Netherlands at the time and had a fantastic career and had my whole life ahead of me. I discovered a lump in my lower leg and had it removed. I wasn’t expecting anything from it. I honestly thought my life was over when I was told that I not only had cancer but that I had to have my leg amputated.

I was determined not to be defeated so I worked really hard to get my life back. I was playing squash within 6 weeks.

I decided to take up running in 2016 to encourage others to run. I’ve won a few 5k races and recently started running half marathons. My current personal best for a half is 1:56. I’m working on bringing that down to a sub 1:50. I am also aiming to run my first marathon at the end of 2017. Follow my journey on Instagram @ncrunnerjacky.

I do need to work 200% harder than any able bodied runner to achieve my goal but I’m willing to do that! Accept no limits! ;).