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Debra DePina

Debra DePinaLife changes in a twinkle of an eye

Friday evening, December 2, 2016, I fell asleep on the sofa, something that I have done numerous times before. I was expecting family for the weekend so when they arrived late, they rang the doorbell and called my cell phone simultaneously. I was startled out of a deep sleep and responded by saying that I am on my way to open the door. When I stood up, I went down immediately. I did not realize that my left knee had hyper-extended. I found myself on the floor with my leg positioned out to the side. I tore the main artery and ligaments in my leg. I straightened up my leg and attempted to crawl to the door. Realizing that I would never make it that far; I looked for my cell phone on the sofa. Fortunately I remembered the automatic door lock installed a year prior and I was able to open the door from my phone. I called 911 and was rushed to the emergency room. When the vascular doctor came to examine me, my toes was turning blue and I was transferred into emergency surgery for a bypass to regain circulation in my leg. After three different additional surgical attempts to save my leg, I developed an infection in the bad tissue that they were trying to extract. On December 15 I had an above the knee amputation to save my live. On December 31, I was discharged from the hospital and my life as an amputee at home began. Yes there are challenges; however with the support of my medical team, family, friends, and other amputees I can do this! In five days I have my initial visit with the prosthesis for a fitting and evaluation. I am filled with many emotions and I am not disabled!!!! I know that easier days are ahead and I will continue to Praise God for my life and purpose. I have already been told that my story has been an inspiration for someone that is going through a medical challenge with their heart.

I welcome the support of other amputees and I will continue my journey “One step at a time”. Thank you and God Bless, Debra.