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Brittany Nitzband

Brittany NitzbandLiving with one but riding with two

On August 12, 2015 my life changed. Before that day I was an avid hiker, swimmer, motorcyclist, ran in the yard with my children, and more. I was super adventurous, but on that day my true journey began. I was riding my motorcycle behind my fiancé and his friend when we took a turn that I misjudged and in that moment I knew I was going to wreck. I hit a ditch at 62 mph, throwing me into a mountain and ultimately shattering my calcaneus, clavicle, and two vertebrae in my back. I was rushed to the ICU trauma unit at a major hospital where I live. For 15 months and through multiple surgeries they tried to save the foot. Eventually the only option left was amputation.

I woke up on November 29, 2016, missing my right leg below the knee and it was a shock. I was told I would be walking in about two months, but my incision site had a different idea. It reopened three weeks after surgery exposing my tibia and tendon. I attended wound care until March of 2017 trying to close it. I woke up on March 13, 2017 with blood pouring from my opening and I was rushed to the ER were I was told I would be admitted into surgery AGAIN the next day. I had osteomyelitis in my amputation site. I got a five day stay in the hospital and a PICC line (long term IV) in my arm. I have daily doctor visits for 24 hour infusions. I am still fighting to heal and keep my leg but I swear the meaning of my life has changed significantly. I still have a smile on my face every single day. I have gained and lost friends but my support system has never been stronger. I have been told I am an inspiration as I take my days and show people nothing can stop you from being happy and still enjoying your life. My motto is “A positive mind leads a positive life, a negative mind feeds a negative life.” It is all about waking up every morning and being thankful you have that extra day to spend with your loved ones. I’m still on my journey to get back on two wheels and continue hiking, but I promise you soon I’ll be back on my bike. Nothing can bring my spirit down.