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Heidi Temple

Heidi TempleSo far insurance has come through!

Hello, my name is Heidi. For three years my surgeon and I tried multiple surgeries to save my right leg. Due to constant infections, I was faced with amputation. I had a below-knee amputation on December 3, 2018. I remember lying in the shock trauma bed for weeks in Kentucky away from all family, and some of my initial thoughts were of others – wondering if others had issues with not having an advocate to express their fears, concerns, etc. Being an RN, it was easy for me to navigate the medical struggles that happened. I am working with another nurse experienced with developing an amputee support group, which is much needed for my rural community. We just started recently, with five in attendance. The meeting was so great that I didn’t want it to end. My first leg will be arriving in a few days. Now my work begins!