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Christina Macillus

BFFs lose their legs

My life suddenly changed forever on November 11, 2016. I was a passenger on the back of a Harley. We were struck head-on. I got the worst of it, with 26 broken bones, five compound fractures in both legs, and missing bone in my left leg.

I had the worst doctor alive. He never told me what he had planned. I trusted him because I thought he would have my best interest at heart. For a year and a half I dragged around a badly damaged leg. After four and a half months in the hospital, I struggled every day. I was pretty much done. I got a new doctor, and he amputated the leg. I was looking forward to walking again, but the phantom pains were unbelievable. Then I read about how looking at your limb in a mirror several times a day could help. It was a miracle; they stopped. It’s been two and a half years since the accident. My wound is still healing; it’s been five months and I’m still on crutches.

One night I got a text from my best friend from high school. She had just lost her leg. I couldn’t believe it. She was asking for my help, about what to expect. After a lot of crying I went to see her, trying to stay positive. I told her about everything that I have experienced. We were always together through high school. Now we’re going through this journey together. What are the odds? Our story isn’t over yet, but just begun. I will try to update this story in six months.