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Bayley Yates

The thing that shaped my life

Before I was born, my parents knew something was wrong. The doctor thought I would have club foot. Not long after my birth we had moved from Arkansas to Colorado. One day my mom had noticed me walking weird. So they took me to the doctor and heard some heartbreaking news. I was born with Fibular Hemimelia. There were two options, leg-lengthening or amputation. I had my surgery 3 days after my first birthday in Denver, Colorado. My whole life I struggled to accept my leg. It was a love-hate relationship. I thought my leg was so cool, but kids always stared and made fun of me. I had always been “different” to everyone else. One day I woke up and truly realized why God had blessed me with such a unique thing. Now every time I face a challenge in life; I look back and think if I can handle having one leg… I can handle anything. I’m now 17 years old and appreciate my leg more than ever. My leg is a blessing and it has made me such a strong person. Never let your amputation stop you from reaching your goals. You have your bad days, but it always gets better!