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Join Wheel the World’s Active Facebook Community!

May 8, 2024 |

There’s nothing more valuable when traveling than getting advice and recommendations from people who have been to the destinations you are planning to visit. This is especially true when it comes to accessibility and how to navigate an unfamiliar place. This is why we are excited to invite our community to join Wheel the World’s Facebook travel community – a place to talk about all things travel! 

Join the Accessible Travel Community to ask questions, share resources and advice, and connect with fellow explorers! This group is the perfect place to connect with travelers with varying accessibility needs from all over the world, including many from our limb loss and limb difference community! Whether you need advice on a specific location, transportation options, or want to share photos from your latest trip, this group will provide helpful tips and tricks as you build your itinerary. With the right information and support, we hope you can get out and experience the world! 

Request to Join Here 

In partnership with Wheel the World, the Amputee Coalition will receive a donation withevery travel bookingmade using the code ‘AMPUTEECOALITION.’ Also, enjoy $30 cashback on your booking!