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Embracing Resilience: Navigating the Journey Back to Work

Mar 12, 2024 |

When navigating limb loss or limb difference, individuals often find themselves facing unexpected challenges that require unwavering resilience. One such journey is the return to work —a profound experience that demands not only physical adaptation but also a profound mental and emotional shift.

Join the Limb Preservation Foundation on Friday, April 19 at the Annual Symposium for their panel discussion, “Workplace Harmony: Navigating Challenges for Optimal Collaboration,” as they bring together a diverse group of experts, amputees, and professionals who have triumphed over adversity. This thought-provoking conversation will delve into the intricacies of reintegrating into the workforce, shedding light on the unique perspectives and stories that shape the post-amputation professional experience.


  • Trenaya Reid, Workforce Development Manager at Amputee Coalition
  • Brickelle Bro, Lawyer with a focus on employment and disability
  • Eric Weichselbaumer, Professional with experience in hiring and recruiting and recent amputee
  • Moderator: Jennifer Moe, the Donor Alliance Foundation

Whether you are seeking inspiration and guidance or an employer looking to create an inclusive workplace, this panel promises to be an enlightening exploration of the challenges, triumphs, and transformative power of resilience. Join the 3rd annual limb symposium as you uncover the human spirit’s incredible capacity to adapt, persevere, and thrive, even in the face of life-altering circumstances.

Interested in learning how you might be able to attend on a scholarship? Learn if you are eligible here.