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Volunteers Honored for Their Impact During 2023 National Conference

Aug 21, 2023 |

On the opening day of the 2023 National Conference, the Amputee Coalition held a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. We honored many of our most active volunteers with the inaugural Values in Action awards during the event.

The award recipients represent the Amputee Coalition values: We have an unwavering commitment to serve; We win as a team; We see you!; We actively innovate. Our stories inspire! The Values in Action Awards elevate our standard of excellence celebrating a high level of engagement, involvement in activities, high impact, positive attitude, influence, strong leadership, at least one year as a volunteer, high level of commitment, and alignment with the Amputee Coalition values.

The Amputee Coalition Lead Advocates are our advocacy volunteers who have gone through specific training about issues facing the limb loss and limb difference community, our policy priorities, and skills to be effective advocates. Lead Advocates build relationships with lawmakers, Senators, and representatives, take action with other advocates, and engage with community networks to improve the lives of those with limb loss or limb difference.

Regional Advocacy Ambassador volunteers divided the country into five regions to ensure that Lead Advocates in every state had what they needed to be successful, including helping the Amputee Coalition gain a greater understanding of the limb loss and limb difference community’s strength in advocacy.

Support Group Leader volunteers are in place nationwide and provide an invaluable connection through outreach, group sessions, and individual sessions to ensure those living with limb loss or limb difference don’t have to go through their experience alone.

Certified Peer Visitors volunteers offer support from experienced and well-trained peer volunteers who provide information and support to individuals about to undergo amputation or who currently have limb loss or limb difference.

Ambassadors & Champions volunteers are influencers, inquiring minds, storytellers, and networkers who uniquely reinvigorates the current community, reach new community members, and raise the collective voices and overall awareness of the limb loss and limb difference community.

The Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee (SciMAC) comprises volunteers, including community members, scientists, and medical professionals who are thought leaders and experts in limb loss prevention and lifetime care for people living with limb loss and/or limb difference. SciMAC aims to engage, support, and provide expert input and feedback for the Amputee Coalition’s programs, resources, and events.

The Youth Engagement Program (YEP) volunteers come alongside to elevate our next generation by supporting the Amputee Coalitions’ Youth Engagement Program, which gives our youth access to life skills resources, education and training, youth camp, workforce development, and mentorship.

Our coalition volunteer opportunities also include online advocates, veteran volunteers, veteran and military Certified Peer Visitors, brand Ambassadors, fundraiser hosts, storytellers, conference proposal reviewers, conference presenters, and numerous other ways our community can engage to impact our mission. The scope of volunteer opportunities and work is vast, and we thank all of you who are committed to a community that thrives.

Amputee Coalition 2023 Values in Action Award Recipients

  • Lead Advocates: Vala Hallgrimson and Kyle Stepp
  • Regional Ambassadors: Jean Mwale
  • Support Group Leaders: Paula Free
  • Certified Peer Visitors: Ed Nathan
  • Ambassadors & Champions: Cheyenne Heflin and Harleen Gupt
  • The Scientific & Medical Advisory Committee: Dr. Prateek Grover and Dr. Colleen Coulter
  • Youth Engagement Program (YEP): Divine Favour Akin and Brandon Mefford