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Young Woman Finds Purpose Through Helping Others Facing Amputation

May 5, 2023 |

Named May’s Hometown Hero, Cheyenne Heflin is using her own amputation experience and knowledge gained along the way to benefit other young people who have lost a limb. Her story was recently featured on WCJB TV20.  

Cheyenne was diagnosed with cancer at 13, and by 14 she had undergone an above-knee amputation. Trying to navigate the world as a new amputee, this added a level of complication to being a teenager.  

It wasn’t until her undergraduate years at the University of Florida that Cheyenne really understood the difference she could make on youth experiencing the same thing. While volunteering at UF Health Shands Hospital, Cheyenne met a special patient and his father and the visit made a personal impact on her. “I spent 20 minutes past my shift ending giving every single piece of advice I could think of,” Cheyenne said. “Anything that I had wished that someone had given me before I’d started my recovery and adaptation journey.” Read the full story in her own words in her #WeThrive submission. 

Having the opportunity to share her experience and tips with others has brought purpose to the difficulties she faced at the beginning. “To be able to give back and share my story with other kids, other parents, other doctors, I have been able to own it in a sense and really make it a part of myself,” Cheyenne said. 

You can submit your own story through our #WeThrive campaign or on social media with the hashtag #WeThrive.