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The Amputee Coalition Signs On to Letter on Nondiscrimination and Web Accessibility

Nov 6, 2023 |

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Since its onset, the internet has created an opportunity for people with disabilities to have greater access to services, health care, and other benefits. To ensure the highest standards of accessibility are maintained online, the Amputee Coalition recently signed on to ITEM Coalition’s letter on nondiscrimination on the basis of disability regarding accessibility of web information and services of state and local government entities.  

The letter commented on the Department of Justice’s Proposed Rule that would establish requirements governing the accessibility of public services, programs, and activities offered by State and local government entities through the web and mobile apps. While the Coalition acknowledged what the internet has positively contributed, they state that web and mobile app-based services are not equally accessible to individuals with disabilities.  

The Proposed Rule does have the potential to benefit individuals with disabilities in a variety of ways, however the letter makes the case that in its current form it doesn’t sufficiently protect the rights of those with disabilities. 

Revisions to the Proposed Rule are suggested which include requiring local and state government entities to comply with the most current three adaptations of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Also, compliance dates for incorporating accessibility standards should be shortened to prevent unnecessarily long wait times. The letter also further comments on some of the current exceptions to the accessibility requirement with the goal of fully implementing the intent of the ADA. 

View the full letter here. Visit our Advocacy Letters to Policymakers webpage to view other letters the Amputee Coalition has endorsed.If you haven’t already, we invite you to join our active Advocacy community on AC Connect!