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Magdalene Chesoli

Magdalene ChesoliOvercoming My Insecurity

I’m a Kenyan amputee whose case is congenital. It has been a work in progress. I am that person who used to hide her prosthesis so that it could not been seen. I would wear long clothes to cover my limb. I have met other Kenyan amputees who have embraced themselves, and they are living their lives to the fullest. They inspired me to be my authentic self. I have accepted my condition, and currently I’m comfortable walking in short dresses or shorts, and by God’s grace it feels amazing. This is the best feeling, and I’m at peace now. I’m grateful to the amazing people who have touched my life in a positive way. I want to encourage any amputee who is struggling with acceptance or selfesteem issues to take one step at a time. It will not be easy, but keep pushing. It’s the best feeling to accept yourself and live life independently. Technology is changing, and I hope every amputee gets a good prosthesis that enables them to move around comfortably. #inspiretoelevate #elevateyourstory