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Sourabh Chopra

Sourabh ChopraInspire and Self-Love With Infinite Abilities

Infinite Possibilities.
Come Out of Your Shell. 

Live free with your prosthesis and be proud of it to make society accept you equally and respect you with empathy but not sympathy. 

Bring technology to support in India, which is far behind with basics. 

People here do follow your share but due to regional and language barriers can’t connect much. Nobody was there for me too, but now I am talking to many, many people, giving them trust over self and showcasing goals to achieve. 

Force the government and health ministry to acknowledge the people and bring policies to support them instead of considering them a liability.

Lots of work to do. I have started this journey for myself and many others after achieving financial security for myself. More storytelling will come with time and proper dialects to connect with people and their questions, but I am already feeling proud for 2-3 people already coming out and starting new activities post-discussions with them.

Like I said, the journey has started with physical and mental fitness, but entertainment and vibes to enjoy also shall be coming soon.

We shall need your support and shares to increase the reach and some corporate involvement to bring the FOCUS of ACCEPTANCE and LIFESTYLE.