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LaTisha Ford


This 50-year-old is still discovering things about herself as an individual living with limb loss/limb loss difference. The mindset that has carried me through this journey in life is to EXPECT NOTHING FROM NO ONE BUT EXPECT EVERYTHING FROM YOURSELF!!! YOU OWE YOU. I was once told that happiness begins with me, then I had no idea what makes me happy. As time passed, I started making jewelry boxes out of popsicle sticks and birdhouses, creating an online jewelry store, and creating learning binders to help children write cursive handwriting just to name a few things I have done to keep me thriving. I love spending time with my beautiful family of 7 grown kids and a baseball team of grandkids and with my fur buddy Moses (dog) who holds a special place in my heart. It wasn’t until I got connected with individuals living with limb loss and just living life, driving, cutting grass, working out, you name it! They were doing it and giving me hope. Now that I’m connected with the Amputee Coalition, I’m now aware of what’s God’s plan is for me to reach out and share my experience, knowledge, and resources to help individual and family members and VA members living with limb loss limb loss difference.