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Janet Stafford

Hello, my name is Janet Stafford. I became an above the knee (right) amputee on 10/26/22. Our car was hit by an uninsured, unlicensed drunk driver 17 years ago on the way to see my first grandchild being born. I was the passenger and he hit my side of the car. It smashed my right leg and I suffered a traumatic brain injury. It caused damage to my occipital lobe causing me to be legally blind. After 5 total right knee replacements and 2 additional major leg surgeries, my leg became paralyzed. I had had it! My awesome orthopedic surgeon finally told me it was time to amputate.

I have done very well learning to use my new prosthetic leg and plan to keep doing better! I live an awesome life and really enjoy the support of Power On With Limb Loss and the Amputee Coalition. I have not allowed this challenge to keep me from living a wonderful, active life.

I hope I can inspire other amputees in their new journey. It isn’t easy, but the hard work is definitely worth it.