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Daniel L. Pratt

I am a LBK. In 2017 I fell off my roof, compound fractured both fibula and tibia just above the ankle socket. Two years later it had not healed properly. I had noticed a scab on my ankle. I picked it off and could smell infection. Went to the ER and had them call my surgeon. I told him to take the leg as I will not live with an infection. It is now 2023 and I am back on roofs and doing construction all while living off the grid in the middle of nowhere. I love this lifestyle and would love to talk about it. I am an inspiration to many already but would love to touch more hearts through speaking. In fact, we had a massive fire here in 2019 where many lost their homes. I headed up a team and we built 7 tiny homes for them.

I hope you find my story inspirational.