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Gaurav Sharma


I was 17 when I met with an accident. Been through 9 surgeries to walk like this. I got my amputation on my 18th Birthday that is why my story title is “Second Life.” Initially, I was very reluctant to do any sort of physical activities. I was suffering from low confidence and wasn’t enjoying the sympathy I was getting, I was totally negative towards everything. My girlfriend left me because of my accident and I lost my career (as I was a professional cricketer) but then suddenly I started to challenge myself. I started to exercise, riding bikes, and gradually started doing everything a normal person can do. In fact, In some areas, I am doing better than normal people. if you check my Instagram handle you will see I didn’t let my disability hamper my growth.

One thing I learned in my journey till now is not to restrict yourself if you want to do anything. Go for it. Try for it because you don’t know what’s going to happen but you have to try and be positive. It’s all God’s wish, so respect that and just do your work and try to get better with time and in fact, you will get better with time. In time you will able to see the changes in your mindset. I want to inspire people. Inspire them not to give up, just trust the process and trust God. Everything will be okay, just stay positive.