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Gary Eli Aguilar

Amputee Strong.

Being born with one hand has been a big challenge but more of a blessing in life! It’s never stopped me from doing anything! I’ve played football for 10 years and other kinds of sports my whole life! A lot of people always see the things that I do and always are just shocked because I can do anything better with one hand than people can with two. I thank God every day that I’ve never been bullied or picked on at all. If anything I was the bully and didn’t take crap from anybody! Yes at times it’s annoying that people stare, people have their own opinions, and definitely start rumors on what they think happened! Everyone knew who I was in high school but after I graduated I’ve heard a bunch of rumors that just made me laugh so hard. I couldn’t believe that people would believe what they heard. When I found out what the rumors were I couldn’t just sit back and laugh telling my family and friends. The biggest thing that’s helped me being born with one hand are my parents! They’ve never treated me any different like if I had a missing limb! They always treated me normally and always would encourage me and knew that I could do things better with one hand than people can with two! There’s even been a few times where they would sit back and watch me fail on how to do things and didn’t tell me anything because they knew within 10 minutes I would figure out a way to get things done! I’m very thankful I have a family who loves me, friends that are like family, a wife that never looked at me different and always loved me and has been supportive through it all, and last but not least I thank God every day that I have the most beautiful daughter who does not look at me different and sees that I am a regular daddy that can do anything other people can do! I hope that when people see me I inspire them and I hope that I am proof that anything is possible. Just believe and do not listen to anyone that says you can’t do anything because I feel like I am living proof that anything is possible! I have a great story. I just don’t know what to say, but if any of you would like to get to know me more I am more than happy to meet other amputee patients and become friends with people like myself and help inspire other amputee patients.