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Aniketh Vyas

Never Give Up – The Unseen Story.

Aniketh Vyas receives his M.S in Computer Science during the School of Science and Engineering precommencement on May 19, 2023.

Aniketh Vyas receives his M.S in Computer Science during the School of Science and Engineering precommencement on May 19, 2023.

Mr. Aniketh Vyas, MS in Computer Science, officially graduated from Saint Louis University. Life isn’t always the way we want. I came to the United States of America with many dreams, as every other individual dreams. I applied to Saint Louis University for a Master in Computer Science in Fall 2021. I landed here in this beautiful country on 7th August 2021.

Before coming to the United States, I worked as a Software developer at Zensar Technologies for client Cisco.

It was exciting, and everything was going well; I made many new friends and started a new phase of life. As I said before, life is always a mystery to solve day by day. On 24th January 2022, my life took an unexpected turn. I met with a tragic accident. In the accident, I suffered severe injuries that resulted in the partial amputation of my left leg. The incident shattered my right leg’s calf muscle and tore the ligaments in my right knee. I had 18 surgeries.

I was shattered and devastated after this incident, and it took me months to come out. That was depressing. I just lost myself. I cried every night and questioned god, “Why me.” I was mentally disturbed, and professionally, it wasn’t easy. The one who stood with me from the start was my family and my friends. The road ahead seemed insurmountably steep.

In the face of this immense challenge, I made a decision. A decision not just to survive but to thrive, not to let my circumstances define me, but to carve my path. And today, I’m proud to announce that I’ve completed my Master’s in Computer Science right on schedule.

This journey would have been far more challenging without the unwavering support of Saint Louis University. The administration, faculty, and my peers went above and beyond, extending a helping hand when I needed it the most. They stood by me, embodying the spirit of solidarity that makes Saint Louis University a truly remarkable place.

Life behaves unpredictably, often delivering adversity when we least expect it. However, it’s during these challenging periods that our genuine strength becomes apparent. Each sleepless night, each painful procedure, represented a struggle. But after each battle, I found myself stronger. I resisted. I persevered. I overcame.

I’m sharing my story not to focus on the hardships but to emphasize the power of resilience. Your circumstances may seem overwhelming, but remember, so is your spirit. Do not let adversity dissuade you from your goals. Your journey might be challenging, but this journey shapes you.

As I take this moment to celebrate my resilience and the support of those around me, I also look ahead to the next stage of my journey. I am currently seeking full-time opportunities where I can apply my technical skills, tenacity, and resilience to make a meaningful impact.