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Celeste Campos


Celeste CamposOn March 21st, 2024, I was rushed to the ER by my mom & best friend. Let me backtrack a little, In February of 2024 I underwent a simple outpatient procedure, fast forward 1 month full of pain in my legs, multiple doctor appointments that led to nothing and having to stop all of my regular activities, I had a 14-hr life-saving surgery because I had lost all feeling in my right foot. That life-saving surgery was followed by 2 other surgeries, 1 month in the hospital, the amputation below my left knee, two weeks in a skilled nursing facility, and now outpatient therapy. I truly don’t remember much from the hospital. I was there for a month to which during that time I underwent changes not only physically but emotionally as well. I lost a part of me to save my life. As I am writing this I can’t help but think about the progress I will see in 6 months then a year after that. Being 19 and undergoing something like this is really hard. There was a point in my journey where I questioned if I was making any progress at all, I couldn’t stop thinking about what my life was like before all of this happened, then little by little my life began to make sense again I realized it wasn’t about what my life used to be it’s about what I want my life to look like now. I have so many goals & milestones that I cannot wait to accomplish even if they look different from my past goals. My story is long and unconventional, it makes people uncomfortable when going into detail but that is reality. I have a purpose here on this earth and so do you. Remind yourself that you are brave, you are resilient, and you got this… even when things get really hard. You are your biggest advocate & your biggest cheerleader. We got this even when we think we don’t.