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Henry Bryant


At age 34 I lost my right leg below the knee in a motorcycle accident. Not only did I lose my leg, but I lost the person I was, my self-confidence, my mental state of mind and my emotions towards others and life.

Through my process of getting back on my feet I was able to transform my life from what I considered a loss to a gain. I accepted my new body image and began working on myself spiritually, mentally, and physically. I have transitioned into a new me that is ready to take on everything this world has to offer, putting Five Toes Down with a smile.

I love me some me and I want my light that shines within to burst out for the world to see! I have completed multiple 5k races, played an extra in a movie, started a new job, began to live a healthier lifestyle, published a book “The Devil Knocks But God Answers”, published two coloring books “Henry The Amputee” and “Where Has My Leg Gone”.

I am determined to enjoy every second, minute, and hour of each day having fun and taking advantage of the fact that God has more work for me to do. I may not know the end goal, but I want to touch the hearts of as many amputees as I can and let you know that we are still beautiful, handsome, strong, resilient, powerful and definitely game changers.

This lifestyle is not easy, and it comes with its challenges, but I keep in mind all my accomplishments from day 1 of starting my process to remind myself in hard times how far I’ve come. I have met so many beautiful people on this journey and I know I’m not only doing it for me, but for us all. ❤