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Abiodun Soniran

Abiodun Soniran prosthetic legLosing Part of Original Design

Human beings don’t appreciate what we have until it’s lost. Able-bodied men may not reference God until they see challenged people struggle to complete daily activities.

I am African, from Nigeria. In 2020, I was involved in an accident that led to my right leg being amputated. Very hard decision, unthinkable fate that happened to me, fighting death to stay alive. As a family man with huge responsibilities, thinking can be overwhelming, learning to accept new realities, redirecting plans to fit the new ME. Fighting disappointments and overcoming low esteem becomes the order of the day.

Where there’s life, there’s hope. Hurdles are meant to be crossed, challenges are real, but more real is my hope in God to meet me at expected ends. In the face of the trials of life, I began to shed weight with friends, companions, families, and livelihood.

As it is now, I am gradually back on my feet with the help of a locally made prosthesis. I am winning back my strength. I can do my daily activities without aids. I am in the supply business. I can drive a vehicle, both manual and automatic, although my mobility is very low due to the inconveniences of the prosthesis. But I am winning over my situation.

There’s ability in disability.

Thank you.