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Newly Updated: The Management of Upper Limb Amputation Rehabilitation (2022)

Apr 29, 2022 |

The VA and Department of Defense (DoD) have collaboratively developed evidence-based clinical practice guidelines since the 1990s.

The CPGs provide information that is evidence-based and unbiased by conflict of interest. They are based on the best available evidence at the date of publication, and are intended to provide a general guide to best practices.

These guidelines can assist healthcare providers, but the use of a CPG must always be considered as a recommendation, within the context of a provider’s clinical judgment, for the care of an individual patient.

Listed below are the CPG links:


The Management of Upper Limb Amputation Rehabilitation (ULA) (2022) – VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines

Rehabilitation of Lower Limb Amputation (2017) – VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines

VA/DoD CPGs are recognized nationally and internationally as exemplars, and their quality speaks for itself.  The Director of the Evidence-Based Practice Program, Dr. M. Eric Rodgers, recognizes that the tremendous dedication, time, expertise, and energy of the work group members are entirely responsible for the quality reputation of our CPGs. He sincerely thanks the Champions and Work Group members for providing our health care teams with the tools for providing Veterans optimal evidence-based care.

All VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines are available on the: