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Linda Shaw

Linda ShawThink Positive

Having a below-knee amputation was a choice; really, it was the only choice I had. Born with one leg three inches shorter than the other, and with a smaller foot, I went through many surgeries with no success and osteomyelitis for 30 years. I went through nursing school, despite being discouraged by the instructors. After having worked for 23 years I slipped on ice one day, ruining what was left of my ankle. I still had eight years to work, so my best option was amputation. I could make an informed decision, whereas, when I was 12 and amputation was recommended, I did not bite and battled ahead, married, had children and worked. I found a better quality of life, walked more, felt better and retired with 30 years of service. It pays to be stubborn.

Living with a disability is different than having a tragic event and losing limbs or any part of the body. I am now battling metastatic cancer but I can’t feel like life has thrown me another curve when I have wonderful children and grandchildren to enjoy. Take care of yourselves, and positive thoughts……