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Robert Crotty

Empowered to Power Lift

I am a 37yr old, very active, BKA (below knee amputee).

I had my lower right leg amputated 6/15/17, and when I was getting prepped to receive my first foot, was told that it would be a College Park Tempo… I had never heard of them, or that foot, nor had there been any discussion with me regarding why I was getting that foot. Upon further research, I found that it was a very low (activity) level K2 foot, that was only really good for small walks to the end of the street. As a competitive powerlifter, I knew this foot would not work well for me, but was never consulted on what foot I should get, or why.

During the following 6 weeks, my residual limb shrank enough I was wearing up to 28 ply of spacer socks throughout the day. I saw an ad for the socketless-socket and inquired about getting that as my more permanent socket for my next foot. I was informed by my clinician that, “even if I were to pay out of pocket, management would never let me order that socket” and that the Rush HiPro foot would not be right for me. I was told that I would be getting a low level K3 foot instead. As an active powerlifter, this did not sit well with me, at all. I contacted Kevin Hartman at Next Step Prosthetics and Orthotics and explained my story to him in great detail. His office is in Flint, Michigan, and my home was (at that time) in Center Line, Michigan. He drove all the way out to meet with me, and explained all of my options to me in great detail as well as listening to what I wanted and ensuring that “we will do whatever it takes to get you what you need, and want.”

I am MORE than thankful that I have switched to a clinician that looks out for the patient, and not the bottom line of the company.