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Introducing the Amputee Coalition’s New Blog: THRIVE

Feb 17, 2022 |

Growth stages from seed to plant.

Welcome to THRIVE, the Amputee Coalition’s new blog dedicated to elevating the Amputee Community. THRIVE is your go-to resource for the latest news, updates, events, and education about limb loss and limb difference.  THRIVE is the key resource for you to learn about what is happening in the organization, community, and industry, and to highlight diverse issues that impact community members representing various demographics.  It is also a channel to amplify the voices, concerns, and stories of people living with limb loss and limb difference and their supporters.

THRIVE features daily and weekly updates on legislative and policy news impacting amputees and their families. The latest editions of inMotion magazine are also available to view because bringing print articles to a digital format is vital for information sharing.  You can explore content organized by topics such as innovative technologies, exercise, travel, rehabilitation, physical/mental/behavioral health, sleep, relationships, careers, and insurance coverage to name a few. View the word cloud in the Explore section of the blog for the complete list of content topics.

THRIVE also highlights new learning opportunities, including Amputee Coalition’s latest webinars, up-to-date fact sheets, and signature events such as the National Conference and Advocacy Forum. Information shared on THRIVE emphasizes the Amputee Coalition’s key pillars: education, support, advocacy, and prevention.

THRIVE is a space to engage and connect with the limb loss and limb difference community for news and information that ensures no amputee is alone. THRIVE is also a space for medical professionals, caretakers, and anyone interested in learning about limb loss and limb differences. All THRIVE articles can be shared on social media with ease by clicking the social media icon at the end of each article. Join the Amputee Coalition to expand its reach and build awareness about its important work for amputees by visiting THRIVE frequently and sharing it with your network.