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Robert Madsen

T-Boned on my ’02 Harley

My name is Robert Madsen. I was T-boned by a 19-year-old female on my motorcycle on September 5, 2017. I never lost consciousness and saw my leg all mangled and realized I might lose my right leg. I told the doctor to try what he thought would save my leg but that I realized if he must take my leg, that would be OK. Two days later, they took my leg above the knee. A week later, I was told that I could have bled out at the scene of the accident. My femoral artery was severed in three spots, with six inches missing. For some reason, it pinched off and I spent the next 78 days in the hospital dealing with complications and infections. At the time, my daughter was 4 months old; when I was discharged on November 21 for Thanksgiving, my daughter was four days away from being 7 months old. I was given the gift of being able to spend the holidays with my family, as well as the gift of another chance at life.

I am thinking of becoming a visiting advocate to others who have recently lost limbs and share my story with them. I was an ornery SOB before the accident, and I am still that same ornery SOB, but with a different outlook on life. I’ve never been known to be depressed and I am not depressed. I don’t have anything against motorcycles, just stupid drivers. For some reason, I am still walking this earth and want to share my story with those who might be depressed and thinking of suicide. Maybe that is the reason I am still here.