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Remington Bloch

Remington BlochRemington Bloch Loses leg, becomes the first Amputee to race the Pro AMA SUPERMOTO 2018

I am a 25 year old, below-knee amputee. I lost most of my right leg in a motorcycle accident two years ago. Fast forward two years and one tour of the United States later, (promoting my company Traumatically Altered), I am preparing for the 2018 season of the AMA national circuit in the US and Canada. I have been riding for over 10 years with experience on-road and off- and with several different style bikes. I have attended a few track days and have fallen in love with the sport and intend to make some waves this year. I stunt ride for fun and have a few Harley Davidsons set up for this.

I enjoy making my own edits and sharing my exciting life as a blessed human being and talented amputee. This year I am committed to competing and excelling in the SM1 class as the FIRST AMPUTEE to ever compete in the series. I hope to bring a lot of attention not only to the series, but to active amputees around the globe and everyone involved. I am looking for people to work with this year to help make my vision a reality and make this a groundbreaking year for the disabled community in a nationally renowned AMA race series.