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Norma Trujillo

The Strength of KindnessesThe Strength of Kindnesses: Beyond Amputation

Hello, my name is Norma Trujillo.

This is my story. It begins with a simple act of kindness. On April 19, 2017, a single moment changed everything. I got out of my car to help someone push their car off the road because I was worried about their safety. As we pushed the car, another car struck and pinned me between the two vehicles. The car I was pushing slid on the sidewalk and I was dragged underneath it. The driver dragged me two houses down, not knowing I was underneath his vehicle. By the time he stopped, my right leg was amputated and my left leg was just barely hanging on.

I suffered many injuries including my skull being separated from my spine, which broke the C1 through C5 vertebrae and fractured the C6 and C7 vertebrae. I now have a fused neck. I also broke my hip and pelvis. My left ear was barely attached. I received third-degree burns from the muffler, from my right wrist to my shoulder as well as my right breast and abdomen. My injuries resulted in a massive loss of blood. The doctors told my family that if they needed to say goodbye or had any last words, now was the time because they didn’t think I would make it. But I fought though all the surgeries and skin grafts and learned how to talk, sit, and be more mobile again.

I’m sharing my story with the world to let everyone know that one act of kindness can destroy a person’s life. In the end, however, it made my life much better. I don’t regret what I did that day, and I still continue to believe that the world needs more kindness to each other. It’s been a year since my accident and I am still working to make myself more mobile. Through mental and physical strength, I have empowered myself to overcome the obstacles in my life.

As a mother of 4-year old twin boys and a daughter who is a soccer player, there’s no time for petty weakness or being distracted. I have learned to push myself beyond my limit. Doctors told me and my family that I was going to be paralyzed, that there was no hope of me moving. It has been a year and three months, but I have learned to walk again; I have regained my mobility.

My story is a powerful one. Through limb loss I have learned how to deal with my inner demons of doubting my self-value. And learned how to love myself and challenge everyday obstacles by believing I can. Now I’m living a life beyond my hopes and living more freely and independently.