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More Team Members Join Amputee Coalition

Apr 4, 2023 |

Meet Jewel Connelly, Communications Specialist 

Jewel joins the organization with over five years of experience in copy and content writing from equestrian sports media in South Florida. Previously working to promote the sport of polo in the United States, her prior role as communications coordinator/copywriter has given her a strong background in media relations and high-level event coverage. 

In her new role, Jewel is committed to uplifting the voices of the limb loss and limb difference community and mobilizing change through compelling, evocative storytelling and mission-driven communications. As a passionate advocate for social justice, she sees this as a powerful opportunity to amplify the voices of others and leverage the strategic tool of communication to make a lasting impact. 

Jewel is actively involved in her church and serves in the kids’ ministry. Besides being a lifelong equestrian, she also loves to travel, read, and go on outdoor adventures from biking to air shows.  

Meet Dante’ Daniel, Public Policy Manager 

We are pleased to introduce Dante’ Daniel, the newest addition to the Government Relations team. A social work graduate of the Virginia State University and Howard University, in addition to earning a doctor of law and policy from Northeastern University, Dante’ has worked in the human services field with the District of Columbia for the past eight years. He has engaged in many volunteer opportunities related to all levels of government, from serving on local advisory neighborhood commissions to canvassing during the 2012 presidential election. 

Dante’ joins the Amputee Coalition working to advance our policy agenda at the state and federal levels. He seeks equity across the local and state policy platform for the limb loss and limb difference community. A common phrase he uses to summarize his role is “I’m here to bridge gaps.” Dante’ is extraordinarily excited to join the organization and the staff who bring so much passion for the amputee community to their day-to-day work. 

Dante’ enjoys writing on current events and submitting opinion pieces in his free time. He also enjoys exercising and spending time with family. 

Meet Takiera Green, Community Engagement Specialist 

Takiera joined the organization to assist the peer support programs as it expands to reach more individuals in the community of limb loss and limb difference. She has extensive experience in case management and is dedicated to helping those who are often overlooked. 

Working with the Amputee Coalition, Takiera connects with those who have limb loss or limb difference to create safe spaces for them to express themselves. She is also actively working on resources to increase inclusivity within peer support. Her passion for helping people gives her the motivation to succeed.