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Health and Wellness: Tips for Self-Care

Stretching, meditation, hydration, and journaling are a few ways to improve your health and wellness. Everyone benefits from a few simple acts of self-care. Try these suggestions:

Intentions Setting: Take a few moments to set intentions for your day. These could be physical, mental, or emotional intentions. Consider why you chose those intentions. Write them down to help keep those intentions in mind.
Body Scan Meditation: While seated, laying, standing, in or any other position of comfort for your body, close your eyes and bring awareness to your breath. Slowly scan your body, paying brief attention to any tension or discomfort. As you breathe into those areas, take longer inhales and slow down the exhales. Continue for a few minutes before moving on.
Mindful Movement: Stretch in ways that feel good for your body. Some options may include a chest opener, arm circles, a seated forward fold with extended limbs, kneeling with head close to the floor, or gentle rocking and swaying.
Journaling Prompt 1: Write a few sentences about the people in your support system, opportunities for growth, and new challenges you want to tackle.
Journaling Prompt 2: Explore Your Identity and Self-Image by considering and writing about what words you use to describe yourself, your values, and your passions. Where are you on your journey to self-acceptance?