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The Need for Healthcare Equity

Sep 22, 2022 |

Conversations from the 2022 National Conference continue to pave the way forward

Health equity is a top priority for the Amputee Coalition. Even prior to the pandemic, the Amputee Coalition was working to increase equity in access to prosthetic devices. The pandemic and events leading up to the shutdown brought into stark relief that health equity goes far beyond access to prosthetic devices and has dire implications. 

Healthcare inequity is one of the most pressing global issues in the United States.

Unfortunately, while many organizations are dedicated to reducing or eliminating disparities in healthcare access and quality, healthcare is significantly behind when it comes to leveraging data on how best to make improvements. The lack of representation in care and a failure to fully engage people from diverse backgrounds in care decisions is compounding the issue further. 

During the National Conference, presenter Jennifer Dexter (National Coalition on Healthcare) outlined what is necessary to further health equity:

  • Promotion of an inclusive, equitable, and high-quality care delivery system,
  • Advocate for affordable and comprehensive coverage,
  • Partner with organizations to track health disparities/social determinants of health, and
  • Collaborate with research groups and other organizations on innovative treatments and services. 

Diversity and equity are key aspects of the Amputee Coalition’s mission.

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