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Mobius Mobility Receives ACHC Accreditation and Commences Insurance Billing for iBOT® Personal Mobility Device (“iBOT® PMD”)

May 22, 2023 |

May 9, 2023
Media contact: Martha Merrow, Mobius Mobility, LLC – | 833-346-4268 ext. 1009

iBOT® Personal Mobility Device Achieves Financial Accessibility through Private Insurance Coverage

Manchester, New Hampshire – Today, Mobius Mobility announced the launch of private insurance billing for the iBOT® PMD, a multi-modal power wheelchair in which users can climb curbs and stairs, balance on two wheels, and traverse a wide variety of outdoor terrain. Now, many people with private insurance can purchase an iBOT® PMD with funding support from their health plan. As part of an intensive, multi-year program to secure reimbursement support for the iBOT® PMD, Mobius Mobility applied and received approval for the relevant insurance billing codes and received the required accreditation from Accreditation Commission for Healthcare (ACHC). Mobius Mobility has begun to process insurance claims for iBOT® PMDs.

As is well known, innovation in the wheelchair industry has lagged other markets and technological trends for decades. As a result, a low curb, a few stairs, or some varied terrain still present major barriers to people with disabilities. At best, these obstacles can be the reason someone with a disability can’t get to their destination. At worst, they can cut them off from their communities, friends, family, and employment.

Enter iBOT® PMD: a multi-modal mobility device that gets users from point A to point B with new levels of independence. The iBOT® breaks through the barriers that people with disabilities face all too often – and now, it is more financially accessible. The iBOT® allows someone with a disability to reach for a high cabinet, look people in the eye, climb curbs and stairs, go to the beach or on a hike – to overcome the obstacles that can get in the way of everyday life.

The iBOT® PMD has six different operating modes, with each providing a different mobility function. For example, in 4-Wheel Mode the iBOT® engages all four of its large drive wheels while automatically keeping the seat, and with it the user, level while going up and down slopes. This opens up all sorts of varied terrain, so an iBOT® user can go way beyond typical backyard exploration.

Mobius Mobility has relationships with non-profit organizations and credit unions who offer financing programs to assist with co-pays and deductibles. If you are interested in more information or to schedule an interview with the Mobius Mobility CEO, contact Mobius Mobility by emailing, or calling 833-346-4268, extension 1009. Visit


Mobius Mobility delivers the iBOT® PMD to provide people with disabilities greater access to the world around them. Since 2019, Mobius Mobility has manufactured the iBOT® PMD in Manchester, New Hampshire USA. The iBOT® PMD has been cleared by the FDA for sale in the USA, and is CE marked for availability in Europe via our distribution partner 2Kerr, with expansion to other international regions underway.