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Join Wheel the World for a Live Conversation with Sit-Skier Trevor Kennison

Feb 26, 2024 |

Trevor Kennison does a backflip on a sit ski off a mountain.

Looking for a great movie to add to your Netflix watch list? Full Circle is a documentary that delves into the stories of viral sit-skier Trevor Kennison and alpinist Barry Corbet, while tracing the evolution of adaptive athletes in extreme sports. If you are interested in learning more from the star of this documentary, Wheel the World (@gowheeltheworld) is hosting a Facebook live event with Trevor that you can be part of on Wednesday, February 28 starting at 8:00pm ET. 

Man on sit ski sitting on a snowy white mountainNow streaming on Netflix, Full Circle transcends disability and offers a raw look into Trevor’s journey as an extreme sit-skier. At 22-years-old he was paralyzed in an accident on the mountain and after recovering from a spinal cord injury became the first person to land a double backflip in a sit ski. Trevor’s story is one of incredible resilience and the documentary also incorporates the life of Barry Corbet, an alpinist and namesake of expert ski run Corbet’s Couloir, generations earlier.  

Wheel the World Founder & CEO, Alvaro Silberstein will also take part in the conversation. Watch the film streaming only on Netflix. View the official trailer here