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Amputee Coalition Welcomes New Youth & Workforce Development Director

Jul 10, 2023 |

Maurice Henson is a passionate youth advocate, fisherman, snowboarder, and avid golfer. Once a 7’3” high jumper, he gained the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Athlete of the Year merit award and became a Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) National Qualifier and Record Holder. Maurice uses his athletic tenacity, passion, and opportunity to perform in his daily work today. While sports were a lifelong passion, his commitment to youth has given him another pathway for success.   

Maurice is a Boys & Girls Club alumnus and has been dedicated to youth development even before receiving professional opportunities. Over the last 13 years professionally dedicated to working with youth, Maurice has continued to implement his core values of integrity, respect, excellence, teamwork, and having a shared vision which will be a central force behind his programming strategies for the youth and workforce programs for the Amputee Coalition.  

His background has led him to execute executive operational management strategies, youth and collegiate leadership development programs, volunteer and program implementation processes, facilitating state-wide educational institute partnerships, but at the center of it all being a long-time advocate for the well-being of our future generations.  

In his role as Youth & Workforce Development Director, Maurice will be supporting the advancement of the youth and workforce development department, creating meaningful and long-term action plans for diverse youth engagement and workforce development programs by developing strategies for achieving ongoing growth.  

Maurice feels aligned with the Amputee Coalition’s vision, mission, and values through his years of wanting youth to have access to opportunity, equity in health, positive social opportunities, education resources, character development access for learning, and healthy lifestyles to help youth and communities thrive. This will be instrumental in leading the youth and workforce development department. Maurice is excited to work alongside great leaders and continue meeting the Amputee Coalition community.