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2024 Women’s History Month: Honoring the Amputee Coalition’s Women of the Board and the Scientific and Medical Advisory (SciMAC) Committee

Mar 13, 2024 |

Message from the President and CEO

Cass IsidroEach year during March from grassroots initiatives to nationwide movements we not only celebrate but continue activating a voice for lifting the achievements of women to be celebrated. Women’s History Month inclusively belongs to all groups collectively who wish to join everywhere giving opportunities for intersectionality in missions all over the globe. This year we celebrate the theme “Inspire Inclusion”, and we say well done and honor the achievements, dedication, and the women who have given years of their time and talents to the Amputee Coalition.

This month among many women who lift our vision: a world where our community thrives and a mission to support, educate, and advocate for people impacted by limb loss and limb difference, we honor and thank our two 2024 women board of directors members: Carrie Davis, Vice President of Patient and Employment Experience at Hanger Clinic, and Dr. Danielle Melton, Director of the Amputation Medicine and Rehabilitation Program. Carrie Davis is a nationally recognized leader in patient experience and organizational transformation through empathy and servant leadership. As the vice president of Patient and Employee Experience at Hanger, she designs, implements, and manages programs to help create positive outcomes for patients, families, and employees. Dr. Danielle Melton joined the University of Colorado School of Medicine Osseointegration and Limb Restoration Program and is the Director of the Amputation Medicine and Rehabilitation Program. She is board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Associate Professor with appointments in both departments of PM&R and Orthopedic Surgery.

We also highlight and honor the work of the many women who have given to the Scientific and Medical Advisory (SciMAC) Committee which is dedicated to providing strategic guidance and expertise to increase the impact of the Amputee Coalition’s programs and resources.

The Amputee Coalition Chief Strategy & Programs Officer, Ashlie White says, “The Amputee Coalition continues to value our members who dedicated their time to lend guidance and expertise through the SciMAC committee. SciMAC serves as a collaborative and intentional committee ranging from occupational therapists, physiatrists, professional research leaders with clinical initiatives focused on limb care, community members and an assortment of medical backgrounds which all bring a diverse and collective voice centered on improving care and access for individuals with limb loss and/or limb difference and their caregivers.”

We also would like to honor the women of SciMAC: Colleen P Coulter PT, DPT, PhD who has been involved with the Amputee Coalition since 2007 with a passion for advocating for children and families. Kara Couch, NP who served as SciMAC Chair from 2019-2022 and has volunteered with the Amputee Coalition for over 10 years. Kristi Turner, DHS, OTR/L, served on SciMAC since 2019 and specializes in the treatment of upper and multiple limb loss/absence and burn injury. Victoria Powell, RN has served on SciMAC since 2019 and has volunteered since 2017. Carol Miller, PT, MSPT, PhD, has been involved with the Amputee Coalition since 2001 and served on SciMAC since 2014. Posie Mansfield has been involved since 2011 in various capacities and roles ranging from national conferences to lead advocate training leader. Luann Kleymeyer has been volunteering since 2016 and wants amputees to have resources and people when they go through a bad time. Denise Hoffmann, RN, is a SciMAC Committee member, certified peer visitor, and legislative lead advocate for the limb loss community.

Today and every day we say thank you to the women who make change in our world. Stay connected to the Amputee Coalition programs and resources via