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Amputee Coalition Partners with Wheel the World to Make Travel More Accessible

Feb 1, 2024 |

Calling all travel enthusiasts! Your stress-free vacation based on your accessibility needs awaits. The Amputee Coalition is pleased to announce our newest partnership with Wheel the World, an online travel booking platform exclusively geared towards travelers who have accessibility needs. Book your entire trip including hotels, activities, excursions, and transportation with the reassurance that the experience will be tailored to you. Wheel the World is committed to making travel accessible for all and offers a range of options from multi-day trips to group tours for 250+ global destinations on every continent, including across the US.  

Wheel the World does this by ensuring their travel partners are trained and by providing specialized travel services to their clients. This allows travelers who have disabilities to travel with less stress and more confidence. 

When booking your trip, filter to select accessibility features such as bed height, toilet height, door width, shower details, and more. Eliminate unexpected surprises by having the information up front, with a guarantee from Wheel the World. 

Through our partnership, a donation will be made to us with every travel booking made with the code “AMPUTEECOALITION”, directly contributing to the support services and programs offered to the limb loss and limb difference community.  

Together with Wheel the World, Amputee Coalition is excited to empower our community to experience the world on their terms and we look forward to hearing about your experiences. Every week we will be sharing tips and tricks based on frequently asked questions and the unique features Wheel the World’s platform offers. 

Whether you prefer moving through city streets or enjoying the Parisian night sky or basking in the sunshine of the Hawaiian Islands, or gazing upon the beauty of natural landscapes – the world is waiting to be explored! 

Learn more about popular destinations, excursions, and access FAQs at