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William Pike Joins #ACNC24 Lineup as Keynote Speaker

May 13, 2024 |

We are very excited to announce the iconic adventurer, William Pike, will be joining us at #ACNC24 as a keynote speaker!

William has had an extraordinary journey so far, from overcoming the loss of his leg in a volcanic eruption, to fronting a nationwide youth development program, exploring Antarctica, and inventing Pro Armour prosthetic covers that are helping amputees around the world. Opening the main stage, you will hear from this extraordinary speaker and adventurer in-person at the National Conference. Visit his website and Instagram account to learn more about William.

Check out the conference schedule and all registration information on the registration website. Stay tuned for the social media tool kit that will be available next week on the conference webpage website. Tag us on social media @amputee-coalition!