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Elevate Your Voice To Make Others Aware of Our Community 

Mar 27, 2023 |

It is no coincidence that the Advocacy Forum, one of the Amputee Coalition’s signature events, comes during April, which is Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month. 

The theme for April 2023 is INSPIRE TO ELEVATE, and that is what the Advocacy Forum does. Some of the most important work we do aims to inspire you to ELEVATE YOUR VOICE. 

We have all heard the expression countless times throughout our lives: Actions speak louder than words. True enough, but we usually need words to spark action. 

We know that when you ELEVATE YOUR VOICE, you elevate all our voices. And when we elevate our voices, people listen. 

For a recent example, look to New Mexico. That’s where our government relations team has been working with community members to advance legislation that would guarantee state insurance plans provide coverage for orthoses and prostheses at a level equivalent to Medicare and create coverage for a second device intended for physical activity. That legislation is close to becoming law. 

The Amputee Coalition offers many ways to get involved. We have a Grassroots Advocacy Center, lead advocate training, and an Ambassadors and Community Champions program. We hold regular town halls for you to hear from and ask questions of our leadership. 

Our new community and professional network, AC Connect, has an advocacy community that serves as an excellent place to start.  

You have a powerful story that can inspire others. Don’t you think it’s time to tell it? 

Help promote Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month and join the conversation on social media using #InspireToElevate #LLLDAM, #LLAM, #NoAmputeeAlone, and #WeThrive.