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How to Achieve a Healthy Mind: Webinar Recap

Jun 7, 2022 |

In a very interesting interview, 2x Paralympian, TEDx speaker, & empowerment coach James Owen Roberts shares his struggles with mental health after the end of his athletic career. As a young child he faced a lot of bullying in school due to his limb loss and limb difference. So, he turned his attention to sports where he strived and exceled.

But after the end of his athletic career Roberts was at a crossroads. He began to doubt his abilities and even reached a point where he thought about suicide. However, he never went through with it because he thought about the impact that would have on his family and friends.

He entered the field of education where he developed bad eating habits, anxiety, and depression which led to a massive panic attack. Roberts had always taken care of his health through exercise and diet but in his new surroundings he lost sight of the importance of maintaining his healthy lifestyle.

In recognition of mental health awareness month James Owen Roberts shares tips and tricks on how to manage the stress of daily life. He talks about the stigma associated with mental illness and how it is okay to seek help. One important tool that has helped him tremendously is guided meditation.

Roberts was so human going through what a lot of us are going through too. He still experiences hard times but the way he has organized his life and created health structures like exercise, meditation and eating has assisted him in him so far. The main takeaway from this interview is that it is okay to show your vulnerability at times and you will have setbacks and struggles, but the most important thing to do is to keep trying and never give up on yourself.

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