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Survey Opportunity: Evaluating the Physical Fitness of Lower Limb Amputees

May 8, 2024 |

Man sitting on a basketball court. He has a prosthetic leg and is holding an apple.

If you are living with lower limb loss and you use a lower limb prosthesis, we invite you to complete this 15-minute survey to assess your physical fitness and activity level. This survey will ask about your exercise habits and your physical fitness as you perceive it. The goal is to help researchers and clinicians from Eastern Michigan University, Master of Science in Orthotics and Prosthetics program understand if physical fitness differs between non-amputees and lower limb amputees.

What does the survey include?

This survey will assess your physical fitness by asking you to complete a series of multiple choice, check box, and short response questions. The results of this survey will be analyzed and compared to similar surveys completed by non-amputees to determine if there are measurable differences between the two groups.

Is the survey confidential?

This survey will not collect any personal or identifiable information, such as your name, address, or date of birth. You will be asked to provide some information about yourself and your amputation that may impact your physical activity. This information includes your age, gender, time since amputation, cause of your amputation, and any other medical conditions you may have. The results of this research may be published or used for teaching. Personally identifiable information will not be used for these purposes.

There are no financial benefits or incentives offered for completing this survey. Your participation is entirely voluntary. Additionally, there is no cost associated with your participation in this survey.

Next steps

If you would like to complete this survey, please click on the following link to be redirected to the survey webpage: For questions, please contact the study coordinator, Noah Krichau, at

To learn more about this study or to browse other research studies that you can join, please visit our Volunteer Research Opportunities webpage.